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Prince Bank’s New and Enhanced Mobile Banking Features Await Customers

Prince Bank’s New and Enhanced Mobile Banking Features Await Customers

Posted Date: 2020-05-04

PHNOM PENH, [ 30th April 2020]— As Prince Bank continues to expand its business, we have also diligently been focusing on our digital platform.  Prince Bank App has been enhanced with new services and features that are beyond what other banks typically offer.  We aim to be the “Best Digital Bank in Cambodia” by ensuring that our customers continue to enjoy the best digital banking experience.   

We’ve packed up many exciting enhancements on our Prince Bank App:

ü  Account: create new Savings, Current and/or Priority Banking account at your convenience.

ü  Deposits: open new term deposits conveniently with the options that you prefer.

ü  Bill Payments: pay your bills anytime, anywhere, such as: mobile top-up, internet & TV, entertainment, public services and insurance.

ü  Physical Cards Display: view your debit cards conveniently on your mobile device. 

ü  Cards Application: apply for debit or credit cards easily with our mobile app.

ü  Card Management: flexibility to temporarily block or unblock your cards and change card PIN.

ü  Check Management: you can apply new check book from anywhere and choose any branch to pick it up.

ü  App Referral: conveniently share Prince Bank’s mobile app through social media platforms.

ü  Notifications: receive instant notifications on your recent transactions and banking activities.

ü  Bakong Wallet: quick transfer of funds to any Bakong wallet with our Prince Bank App and enjoy cashless payments by scanning to pay directly at participating merchants.

ü  Joint Account: New! Joint account holders can perform funds transfers easily with approval option from multiple account holders in a joint account. 

ü  Transition Limit: set your transfer limit per transaction as well as daily transfer limit to fit your needs.

ü  Locator: view updated information for each branch or ATM location: a listed phone number, hours of operation, and a complete address.  

These new and enhanced features can be accessed by downloading the latest Prince Bank mobile app.

If you are not yet a Prince Bank account holder, no worries—just download the Prince Bank App and apply for an account directly through the app.

Please contact our call center at 1 800 20 8888 for further assistance. Thank You!

 [2020430] 金边市随着太子银行继续扩展业务,我们也一直在努力专注于开发我们的数字平台。太子手机银行应用程序已增强了其的新服务和功能,超出了其他银行通常提供的功能。我们旨在成为 “柬埔寨最佳数字银行” ,以确保我们客户能继续享受最佳的数字银行体验。


ü  创建新账户:您可以根据您的需求创建新的储蓄账户、往来账户和优先银行账户。

ü  定期存款:根据您中意的选项方便地开立新的定期存款账户。

ü  账单支付: 随时随地支付账单,如手机充值、网络和电视、娱乐、公共服务和保险

ü  实体卡显示: 在手机设备上方便地查看借记卡。

ü  办卡申请: 通过我们的手机银行APP轻松申请借记卡或信用卡。

ü  卡片管理: 灵活的临时限制或取消限制您的卡以及更换密码。

ü  支票管理: 无论您在哪里都可以申请新的支票簿,并选择任何太子分行作为领取地点。

ü  分享APP: 通过社交媒体平台,方便分享太子手机银行APP

ü  通知: 接收关于您最近的交易和银行活动的即时通知。

ü  Bakong钱包: 通过我们的太子手机银行APP快速将资金转入到任何Bakong钱包,并通过扫描在合作商户直接付款,享受无现金支付。

ü  联合账户: 新!联合账户持有人可以通过联合账户中多个账户持有人的批准选项,轻松执行资金转账。

ü  交易限制: 设置每笔交易的转账限额以及每日转账限制,以满足您的需求。

ü  定位器: 查看每个分行或自动取款机位置的更新信息: 列出的电话号码、营业时间和完整地址。



请联系我们的呼叫中心1 800 20 8888以获得更进一步的帮助。 谢谢!