Personal Banking

Prince Kids Account

Saving from today for the tomorrow of your beloved children.

As a parent, one of the most valuable lessons you can teach your child is how to manage money. The Kids Account secures the success of your children with interest rates that grow as they grow.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Available in two currencies (USD/KHR)
  • Additional 0.25% p.a. if the account is in KHR
  • Initial deposit is KHR40,000 or USD10 
  • Minimum balance of only KHR4,000 or USD1

Interest Rate (p.a.)

 USD Interest Rate  (p.a.)KHR Interest Rate (p.a.)
1st year2.00%2.25%
2nd year2.25%2.50%
3rd year2.50%2.75%
4th year2.75%3.00%
5th year onward3.00%3.25%


  • Withholding tax on interest earned is 4% for residents and 14% for non-residents.
  • Interest rates are subject to change from time to time without prior notice.
  • p.a. stands for per annum

Eligibility and Documentation

  • Under 18 years old and signed up by one guardian
  • For account owner: Birth Certificate, Family Book, Residential Book or Student ID
  • For guardian: Cambodian National ID or Passport 
  • Or any two of the following: Driving License, Family Book, Residential Book, Birth Certificate, Government Official ID or Employee ID (One must have your photo in it.)