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MoneyGram Money Transfer

Your Money Gets Quickly To Where It’s Needed

MoneyGram is available at Prince Bank now! You can transfer and receive money securely and fast to your loved ones worldwide in minutes. Through MoneyGram remittance services, you can enjoy the daily transfer limit up to USD10,000 with special service fee offer - the most reliable and secure of money transfer experience.

MoneyGram is also a leading global financial service that has a strong worldwide network of 430,000 agents in more than 200 countries and territories. Therefore, there is no longer a concern of overseas funds transfer, Prince Bank always works harder to bring the real convenience and flexibility to our customers.

Why MoneyGram?

  • Convenient and secure way of global remittance method with minimal costs
  • Available to everyone - easy process from any Prince Bank branch nationwide (Require user to have Prince Bank account)
  • Maximized daily transfer limit up to USD10,000 with only USD3/Transaction
  • Free or zero charge for inward fee

Transfer Limit

Type of Transaction

Limit transfer via Branch

Service Charge

Outbound ServiceUSD 10,000/Transaction per day USD 3/Transaction per day 
Inbound ServiceUSD 10,000/Transaction per dayFREE

(This promotion is available from now until 3rd December 2024)

How to Transfer?

  • Visit any nearest Prince Bank branch to do the transfer