Personal Banking

Prince Savings Account

Do you want to feel good and secure? Come to Prince Bank to find out how.

If you work hard and are smart with your money, you deserve a bank account that rewards you for it. Prince Savings is the account that helps you succeed by making your money work harder.

Why Open a Prince Savings Account?

  • Earn a high interest rate. 
  • Unlimited Cash Deposit/Withdrawal Amount
  • Free Account Maintenance Fee
  • Free Passbook
  • Free ATM Card (1st Year) 
  • Free access to use PRINCE Mobile App

Key Features and Benefits

Initial Opening Balance USD 10KHR 40,000
Minimum on-going balance USD 1KHR 4,000
Cash withdrawal/deposit amountUnlimited
Account Maintenance FeeFree


(New Issuance, Re-issuance Out of page or Re-issuance due to bank faulty)
(Fee of USD 3 is applied for re-issuance reason Lost or Damage)

ATM /Union Pay /Master /Visa Debit (Annual Fee)  
  • Free for the First Year 
  • Standard and Classis ATM / Union Pay /Master /Visa Card (Fee USD 5 /per year)
  • Platinum Master /Visa Card (Fee USD 88 /per year)
Union Pay /Master /Visa Credit Card (Annual Fee)
  • Standard or Classic Union Pay /Master /Visa Card (Fee USD10 /per year)
  • Platinum Master /Visa Card (Fee USD 150 /per year)
  • Diamond Union Pay (Fee USD 300 /per year)
Standing instructionFree
Statement / Consolidate Statement Free (via PRINCE Mobile App) 
Bank confirmation letter

USD 2 per request 

(Max. 2 copies daily)

Early Account Closure Fee 

USD 5 Or KHR 20,000 

(If account closed within 3 months from opening date)

Dormancy Fee (Monthly Charge)USD 1 Or KHR 4,000
PRINCE Mobile BankingFree
Access to the deposits 
  • Prince Bank Branches
    (Working Hours 8:00AM to 4:00PM From Monday to Friday)
  • Cash-In Machines (24/7)
  • PRINCE Mobile Banking
  • ATM /UnionPay /Master /Visa Card
Transaction via Over the Counter
  • Prince Bank Branches 
    (Working Hours 8:00AM to 4:00PM From Monday to Friday)
  • Cheque (Local Cheque deposit, Prince Cheque Encashment) 
  • Transfer to local bank via:
    • Fast 
    • Retail Pay
    • Bakong
    • NCS
  • International Transfer: 
    • RIA
    • SWIFT 
  • Cash deposit to account 
  • Cash withdrawal from account
  • Request ATM /UnionPay /Master /Visa Card
Transaction via PRINCE Mobile AppClick here for more details related to PRINCE Mobile app

Interest Rate (p.a.)

 Basic Interest RateSpecial Interest Rate
USD Interest Rate (p.a.)1.00%1.50%
KHR Interest Rate (p.a.)1.25%1.75%

*Special Interest Rate: if the End of Day balance is 50 USD or more than the End of Day balance from the previous day


  • Withholding tax on interest earned is 4% for residents and 14% for non-residents.
  • Interest rates are subject to change from time to time without prior notice.
  • p.a. stands for per annum

Eligibility and Documentation

  • Resident:  
    • 18 years old and above
    • Cambodian National ID or Passport
    • Or any two of the following: Driving License, Family Book, Residential Book, Birth Certificate, Monk's Card, or Government Official ID (One must have your photo in it.)
  • Foreigner (Resident or Non-Resident):
    • 18​ years​ old​ and​ above
    • Valid Foreigner Passport, AND
    • Option 1: Copy the single or Multiple visas indicating the presence in Cambodia for more than 182days or 
    • Option 2: Proof of Employment indicating at least 12months employment (i.e. Work Permit, Employment Contract, Certificate of Employment, Employee ID with photo & signature, Business License/Certificate, if self-employed).
    • Option 3: Proof of Residence (i.e. Lease/Tenancy Agreement, Certificate of Residential Address, Hotel Lease/Bill) indicating at least 12 months tenor in the Contract.