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Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer brings the best and most enhanced international remittance for you. With Ria Money Transfer, you can send and receive money globally with ease and convenience in a wide variety of currencies across the world.

Ria Money Transfer has a strong network worldwide of  507,000 locations in 160 countries including the USA, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, China, Malaysia, India, Australia, Vietnam, and many more. Ria Money Transfer remittance services continue to make the world a smaller place by closing distances between families and their loved ones through world-class money transfers.

Why Ria?

  • Available for everyone - easy process from any Prince Bank branch nationwide or on PRINCE Mobile App (Require user to have Prince Bank account)
  • Convenient and secure to send and receive money worldwide quickly and costless 
  • Presence in a wide range of countries - 507,000 agent locations in 160 countries  

Transfer Limit

Type Transaction limitLimit transfer via BranchLimit Transfer via PRINCE Mobile App
Inbound limitUSD 9,999/Transaction per day USD 9,999/Transaction per day 
Outbound limitUSD 10,000/Transaction per dayUSD 10,000/Transaction per day

How to Transfer?

  • Download PRINCE Mobile App on App Store or Play Store
  • Visit any nearest Prince Bank branch to do the transfer