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With PRINCE KHQR, sending and receiving payments has never been easier. You can receive funds instantly from PRINCE Mobile users and customers of other banks that support the KHQR system​. Simply display your KHQR code on your mobile screen, share it as an image via messenger apps, or even print it out to make receiving transfers a breeze. Don't miss out on the convenience of PRINCE KHQR.

Key benefits

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FAST No need to fill in an account number

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Convenient Scan the QR code or upload the image

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Safe receive money accurately and securely

How to receive money using PRINCE KHQR?

Show your KHQR
When near the sender, launch your PRINCE Mobile app and tap on your KHQR button to display your KHQR code so the sender can scan it with their Mobile Banking app.

Download your KHQR 
Tap the KHQR button” on the PRINCE Mobile App and download your KHQR as an image to share with others, OR click Share your KHQR. 


How to send money using KHQR?

Scan the receiver’s KHQR

Scan​ the​ receiver's​ KHQR​ code​ with​ your​ PRINCE​ Mobile App,​ enter​ the​ amount​ to​ transfer,​ and​ confirm​ with​ your​ 6-digit​​ PIN.​

Upload receiver’s KHQR to Scan Function

Save the​ image of the receiver's​ KHQR​ code and go to the KHQR scan function on PRINCE Mobile App, then upload the image, enter​ the​ amount​ to​ transfer,​ and​ confirm​ with​ your​ 6-digit​ PIN.​