Prince Bank introduces Clever Savings, a product that combines savings and medical coverage, the first for Cambodia

On January 23, 2024, Phnom Penh - Prince Bank officially launched an innovative new product, Clever Savings. The launch ceremony was graced by Prince Bank's Board of Directors, Senior Management, Business Partners, and distinguished customers.

Prince Bank’s innovative new product called Clever Savings Account assists Cambodians to achieving their financial goals through a savings plan while providing them with free medical coverage. The Bank understands the financial challenges many people face and designed this innovative savings product to help them develop good savings habits and secure a better future while ensuring emergency medical expenses are taken care of. The Clever Savings account is a game-changing product that enables individuals to save money, earn interest, and receive a free medical insurance package. This product is particularly important in Cambodia, where healthcare costs are increasing rapidly due to the inflationary pressure.

Mr. Honn Sorachna, Managing Director and CEO of Prince Bank Plc., stated, “The Clever Savings Account is a unique offering from Prince Bank, and it will revolutionize the way our customers save money. It is a savings account created to help our customers achieve their financial goals, and it will positively impact their lives. At Prince Bank, our success is directly tied to the success of our customers. We are committed to providing our customers with the best products and services, and the Clever Savings Account is a testament to this commitment.” 

During the product presentation, Mrs. Peng Liya, Head of Business Financial Services and Affluent Banking, highlighted that many Cambodians face difficulties with medical care expenses. Unexpected events such as accidents or sickness are causing them to fail in achieving their savings goals. Prince Bank has taken these challenges into consideration and introduced the Clever Savings plan. This plan offers a detailed Savings Journey with the benefits of higher interest and complimentary medical insurance. It provides reassurance to the customers for both income and health protection. It is an important role for Prince Bank as a financial institution to raise awareness and educate Cambodian people about financial management.

Alongside the Clever Savings Launching, Prince Bank shared the news of Prince Bank supporting Bou Samnang, the National Athlete of Cambodia, who won a special place in the hearts of those who watched her finishing the women's 5,000 meters amidst torrential rainfall during the Southeast Asian Games 2023. To support her, Prince Bank has been providing monthly assistance since June 2023 for her training, nutrition, and living expenses. This sponsorship is part of Prince Bank's CSR project “One Billion Riels Sports Funds”, which aims to support talented athletes and the sports sector. 

Samnang shared her life story about the difficulties and obstacles her family faced due to the lack of a clear savings plan and the ignorance of the importance of insurance. Her story serves as a valuable lesson for everyone to understand the significance of having savings and protection from unforeseen events.

Clever Savings is the perfect solution for those who want to stay protected during an emergency. With Clever Savings by your side, you can have peace of mind, knowing you are always prepared for the unexpected. Prince Bank urged customers to take action by visiting the nearest branch or calling 1800 20 8888 (toll-free) to consult with professional staff and sign up for Clever Savings today.