Board of Directors

Mr. Guy Chhay

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors

After years in the private sector, Mr. GUY CHHAY decided to set up his own business with the collaboration of his business partners in early 2010. His focus at that time was on real estate development. With strong support from his investment partners, he was able to expand his investments across various sectors, particularly in the finance sector. He established Prince Finance Plc. with the goal in mind to utilize this microfinance institution as a starting point for the current commercial bank that we know today.

He is a businessman with great vision who understands the economic potential of any business endeavor and seizes every opportunity that arises. In addition, he has a clear understanding of the domestic business environment and the strengths of the trade sectors in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Mr. GUY CHHAY has other businesses in marketing and printing services, internet service provisions, the distribution of fast- moving consumer goods, and real estate investments.