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Mr. Dieter Billmeier
Mr. Dieter Billmeier


Mr Dieter Billmeier is the Company Advisor of Prince Bank Plc. His role is to provide support, guidance, recommendation and advice to ensure the bank’s success.

Mr. Billmeier is good at handling multiple roles. Not only is he the Company Advisor of Prince Bank, he is also one of the Board Members of a prestigious international school here in Cambodia. He was formerly the Senior VP and Advisor to the Board of Directors of Canadia Bank Plc. Even before that, he was a renowned professional consultant here and in Hong Kong. For 17 years, he held various positions for Commerzbank covering treasury, administration, foreign exchanges & money markets, strategies and was based in different countries including Germany, USA, France and Hong Kong. After that, he was able to secure the Vice President & Joint General Manager position in Hong Kong for the same bank.

Originally from Germany, he studied at the Advanced Business School for Finance & Banking at Bamberg and at the Academy of Banking & Finance at Nuremberg.

Dieter Billmeier先生是太子银行的公司顾问。他的职责是为银行的成就提供支持,指导,推荐和建议。

Billmeier先生有高能力管理许多职位。他不仅是太子银行的公司顾问,也是柬埔寨一所著名国际学校的董事会成员之一。他曾担任加拿大银行的高级副总裁兼董事会顾问。在此之前,他曾是本地及香港著名的专业顾问。17年来,他在Commerzbank 银行担任过不同的职位,包括财政部、行政部门、外汇和货币市场、战略部门,并在德国、美国、法国和香港等不同的国家工作。之后,他在同一家银行获得了香港副总裁兼联席总经理的职位。